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DSX from NEC takes the lead with state-of-the-art innovations sure to
make your business communications more efficient,
profitable, and enjoyable.
DSX is an attractive addition to any work
Superior ergonomic styling offers
a slim, sleek, compact design with
a quality feel. With many models to
choose from, each user can enjoy
customized service and performance.

Innovation starts with the new DSX telephones.
All models feature the same thin, floating
design, have a built-in speakerphone,
two-position angle adjustment for effortless
viewing of the large LCD display, and built-in
wall mounting. Advanced features and intuitive
soft keys provide users one-button access to
extensions, lines, and select system features.
Enhanced models also offer a backlit display
and illuminated dial pad. Rounding out the
line, NEC offers an Integrated Cordless
Telephone which provides mobility and
flexibility for those who spend much of the
workday away from their desk.

The DSX system offers you high performance,
flexibility, and the ability to custom design a
system that will meet your company’s specific
telecommunication requirements. Each keyset
user has the capability to personalize their
telephone to meet their individual needs.

Innovations don’t stop with the DSX telephones.
Right out of the box, the system has a built-in
Automated Attendant which can answer
incoming calls, play a greeting, and allow
callers to dial extensions and departments
directly without operator assistance or
additional equipment.
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Telephone Systems
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