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The Aspire S from NEC is a smaller version of the
Aspire system. Intended for offices of less than
30 stations, Aspire S allows you to converge your voice
and data network and enjoy the many advantages of
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) while enjoying the
hundreds of features you’ve come to expect from
traditional digital/analog switching.

Aspire S lets your organization benefit from the potential
cost-saving advantages of IP even if you're not ready
to migrate to 100% IP Telephony immediately.

The Aspire S can be part of a multi-site Aspire network.
Smaller remote offices can be connected by VoIP
technology to the main office for ease of
inter-company communications.

Using Aspire you can reduce the cost of business by:

  • Reduced Costs of Peer-to-Peer IP Connectivity
  • Maintaining one network rather than two
  • Bypass the long distance carrier by sending voice calls over the data network
  • Single cable termination to the desktop
  • Reduced brick and mortar expenses by deploying main office features to remote
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Aspire S™ Features

Attendant Features
Assigned Night Answer (ANA)
Attendant Camp On
Attendant Position
Attendant Transfer
Automatic Hold
Dial 0 For Attendant
Split Hold (Line-To-Line Hold For Attendant)

VoIP Features
Internal DHCP Server
IP Terminal - Automatic Firmware Update
IP Terminal - Automatic Phone Registration
IP Terminal - H.323 Phone
- Incoming & Outgoing Calls
- Hold & Transfer Of Calls
IP Terminal - Non Peer-to-Peer Connection
IP Terminal - Peer-to-Peer Connection
IP Trunk - H.323
- Basic Function
- Gatekeeper Direct Connection
- Fax Relay
Layer 2 QoS
Layer 3 QoS (IP Precedence/DiffServ)
Networking by VOIP
Simple Internal Gatekeeper
VLAN Tagging

System Features
110 Button DSS Console
Abbreviated Dial/Name Registration
Abbreviated Dialing - Common/Group
Account Code
Answer Machine Emulation
Automated Attendant
Automatic Answer With Delay Message
Automatic Day/Night Mode Switching
Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
Automatic Trunk-To-Trunk Transfer
Battery Backup - Memory
Behind PBX Operation
Caller ID
Caller ID Block
Caller ID For Single Line Telephone
Cell-Based Wireless
Centralized Voice Mail
Chain Dial
Class Of Service
Clear Down
Clock Alarm-1, Alarm-2
Conference - Add On Conference
Conference - Multi-Trunk
Conversation Recording (Voice Mail)
Conversation Recording (ACI port)
Cordless Telephone Connection
Daylight Saving
Delayed Ringing
Dial Block
Dial Tone Detect
Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS)
Direct In Line (DIL)
Direct Inward Dial (DID)
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Directed Call Pickup - Extension,Group
DISA - External CFW Setting By Remote
Door Lock Release
Door Phone Call
E911 Compatibility
External Call Forwarding For Doorphone
External MOH Control
External Paging
Fixed Call Forward - Off Premise
Flexible Numbering Plan
Flexible Ringing Assignment
Flexible Timeouts
Forced Intercom Ringing
Forced Trunk Disconnect
Full Universal Slots
General Purpose Relay
Hold - Park Hold
Hot Line (Ringdown) - Internal, External
Howler Tone
i-Series Telephone Support
InDepth Integration
Intercom - Voice/Signal Call
Internal Paging - All, Zone
ISDN-BRI S - Point
Long Conversation Alarm
Long Conversation Cutoff
Music On Hold
Networking by IP
Night Service
Off-Premises Extension
PC Programming - Local, Remote
Power Failure Transfer
Preamble Message
Presented Calling Party Number

Programming from Key-station
Pulse to DTMF Conversion
Room Monitor
Secretary Call Pickup
Secretary Call (Buzzer)
Serial Call
Single Line Telephone Support
Station Department Calling (Hunting)
Station Group
Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)
Step Call
System Alarm
System Data Up/Down Load
TAPI 1.x
TAPI 2.x**
Toll Restriction
Toll Restriction Override
Traffic Management Reports (TMS)
Transfer - Extension/Trunk
Transfer to Voice Mail
Trunk Group
Trunk Group Key
Trunk Loop Key
Trunk Route Assignment
Universal Answer
Universal Night Answer (UNA)
Unsupervised Conference
User Programming Capability
VAU Fixed Message
VAU General Message
VAU Personal Greeting Message
VAU Routing
Voice Mail Integration
Web Programming (HTML)
Station Features
Background Music
Busy Lamp Field on Key Telephone
Call Coverage Key
Call Forwarding - Device
- Off Premise
- Text Message
- Park & Page
Call Forwarding - Station
- Immediate
- Busy/No Answer
- No Answer
- Both Ring
- Follow Me
- Answering Machine Emulation
Call Redirect
Call Timer
Call Waiting
Camp On - Extension
Camp On - Trunk
Detail Status Display On Key Telephone
Dial Number Preview
Display - Recalled Number Or Name
Display The Reason Of Transfer
Distinctive Ringing
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Extension Trunk Access
Group Listening
Hands-Free Speakerphone
Hands-Free Talkback
Handset Mute
Head Set Mode
Hook Flash Key (Ground Start)
Incoming Caller List (Abandoned Call
Last Number Redial Call List
Memo Dial
Message Center Key
Multi-Language Indication (10 Language)
Normal Hold/Executive Hold
Off-Hook Signaling
One Touch Key
Prime Line Selection
Privacy On All Calls
Programmable Function Keys
Repeat Dial
Reverse Voice Over
Ringing Line Preference
Saved Number Redial
Scrolling SPEED Dial Directories
Selectable Ring Tones
Soft Key
Station Message Waiting
Text Message - With Busy Indication
Time And Date Display
Trunk Name Display
Virtual Extension Key
Voice Call Privacy Release
Voice Over
Volume Control
Walking Toll Restriction

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